Project logistics tailored to your industry

Complex projects such as transporting large industrial equipment, infrastructure components, heavy machinery, and any other over-dimensioned cargo require specialized handling and strategic industrial projects logistics coordination.

Our global reach with local knowledge allows us to work closely with key industries enabling seamless oversized and heavy project logistics.

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Oil & Gas








Industrial manufacturing


Power generation





Strategic planning

Reverse engineering supply chain planning process enabling us to identify potential bottlenecks and challenges in advance.

Risk management

Contingency plans for regulatory hurdles, weather-related disruptions, and unforeseen delays to keep your project on track.

Global network

Specialized offices, agents, carriers, and partners for seamless coordination to navigate international regulatory complexities.

Planning, strategic execution and comprehensive industrial projects logistics solutions


Air freight

Full and part-charter
Dangerous goods
Cold chain logistics management


Ocean freight

Turnkey projects
Full and part-charter
Transport engineering
Sea barge & feeder vessels


Ground freight

Lowboy and flatbed
Road permits
Route savers and planning
Traffic management and police escorts
Infrastructure damage prevention
Experienced & document drivers

Worldwide connected

80+ own offices around the globe

Our strategic trade lanes allow us to connect the Americas with Europe and Asia to support global companies‘ import and export strategies.


Time-sensitive & time-critical logistics solutions

Comprehensive logistics solutions to deliver each shipment at the right time, every time.

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Turning up the heat with a Project Cargo for the Healthcare Industry.


Transpacific mission: 33 tricks from China to Mexico.


Transporting a colossal oven for the most prestigious bakery in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The logistics for our project seems incredibly complex. How will you manage the intricacies of its transportation?

Our project cargo team is well-versed in handling intricate logistics scenarios. Our approach involves collaborate closely whit clients to understand their unique project requirements, meticulous planning, coordination with relevant authorities, and leveraging our global network to ensure seamless execution.

How do you ensure the safety of project cargo during transit?

Our proficient team of engineers orchestrates meticulous route surveys and feasibility studies to identify potential risks and challenges. We also collaborate with specialized carriers equipped with the latest technology as well as specialized equipment for secure loading, securing, and unloading of heavy and over-dimensional cargo. Also, we implement contingency plans to mitigate any unforeseen issues.

We have a specific regulatory and compliance requirements for transporting our cargo. How will you ensure that these are met?

We have extensive experience in international regulations and local laws governing heavy and over-dimensional cargo transportation. We work closely with relevant authorities to obtain the required permits and clearances. Our experience in navigating complex compliance landscapes ensures that your cargo reaches its destination without any legal hurdles.

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