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With our expansive warehousing partnership network worldwide, equipped with advanced tracking systems (WMS), we offer comprehensive logistics services to elevate your supply chain management.

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Inventory Management

Fulfillment (B2B,B2C)


Bonded warehousing solutions

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Temperature control

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Reverse logistics

Your top choice for warehousing services

Our facilities are designed to accommodate any cargo, from machinery and spare parts to oversized cargo, by optimizing storage, providing flexibility and efficiency to streamline your logistics operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a warehouse management system (WMS) benefit my business?

Automates tasks, optimizes storage, inventory management, and order visibility. Reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency.

How can I optimize space in my warehousing and storage facility?

At xpd global, we offer a warehousing optimization plan and re-evaluate it when necessary. Providing consultancy services to ensure tailored solutions and continuous improvement. Or procedures, annual audits, and certifications assist in mitigating risks.

What are the considerations for storing hazardous materials in a warehouse?

Hazardous materials require an adherence to strict safety protocols and compliance with regulatory standards. xpd global is your logistics partner experienced in handling dangerous goods to ensure proper storage, labeling, and emergency response plans.

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