Enhancing efficiency of MRO logistics

We understand the pivotal role that Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) plays in ensuring operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Through our meticulous reverse engineering planning, we bring logistics solutions for several companies in manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical, mining, railway, automotive, healthcare, food processing, and construction, among others.

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Heavy & industrial machinery


Electronic components


Production lines


Facility supplies


Spare parts inventory


Infrastructure equipment

Strategic risk management to boost MRO productivity

Smooth and efficient MRO processes are essential. That’s why we implement robust risk management strategies to enhance operational resilience and cost-effectiveness, ultimately driving your organization’s long-term success.



We perform comprehensive MRO supply chain assessment anticipating factors that could impact operations while delivering effective solutions.

Risk mitigation

Through Service Level Agreements (SLAs) driven processes, we specify how disruptions such as delays, quality issues, or inventory shortages will be addressed.

Supplier collaboration

We facilitate communication and collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to ensure proactive transport planning.

Connecting Europe with Mexico

Guarantee on-time delivery of spare parts and equipment ranging from large to small, even at peak times.


Industrial projects


Air freight


Ocean freight


Ground freight



Time-sensitive & time-critical logistics solutions

Comprehensive logistics solutions to deliver each shipment at the right time, every time.

MRO order management

Get the logistics experience you need to optimize your spare parts procurement and ensure a smooth operation.

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Order consolidation.

Reduce the number of individual shipments and optimize the overall logistics process.

MRO technology.

Integration to collaborate seamlessly between suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Planned and urgent freight solutions.

Overnight operations to meet the most demanding delivery times.

Worldwide connected

80+ own offices around the globe

Our strategic trade lanes allow us to connect the Americas with Europe and Asia to support global companies‘ import and export strategies.


Committed to
your industry's growth

In a fast-changing world,
you need a logistics partner who can help
you succeed in every supply chain challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MRO Logistics the right fit for my business?

MRO Logistics is the ideal solution if your business faces challenges related to downtime, spare parts procurement, and maintenance efficiency. Designed to maximize uptime, our MRO Logistics ensures timely delivery of crucial spare parts and equipment ranging from large to small, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

How does technology contribute to MRO solutions?

Technology is fundamental to our solution proposals, providing an innovative platform that ensures comprehensive control over your logistic operations.

Key features include a configurable control tower, real-time information, and proactive alerts for complete visibility into your purchase orders, monitoring of defined KPIs and the generation of configurable reports and analyses.

How does our logistics operation address potential risks?

In our logistics operations, we have a dedicated risk management team that plays a crucial role. They assess on a daily basis the various threats that may be encountered in all our operations, creating plans to prevent and reduce their effects in case they emerge.

This proactive approach translates directly into operational efficiency and substantial cost savings for our clients.

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