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Time is crucial when managing critical shipments. Get timely, expedited deliveries with our strategically positioned own-offices, control towers and emergency logistics centers worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine if my shipment qualifies as time-critical?

You can assess if your shipment qualifies as time-critical based on factors such as delivery deadline, urgency, consequences of delay, and customer requirements.

We can help you determine the most suitable shipping option for your specific needs.

How can time-critical logistics help me in meeting tight deadlines?

Our time-critical solutions are designed to meet tight deadlines with precision. We leverage our global network, advanced tracking systems, and dedicated team to expedite every step of the process. Trust us to deliver your time-sensitive shipments on time, every time.

What is time-critical logistics?

Time-critical logistics is a specialized service that ensures urgent delivery of time-sensitive shipments.

It guarantees that your critical goods reach their destination swiftly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Can time-critical logistics accommodate international shipments?

Yes, time-critical logistics can handle both domestic and international shipments. xpd global has the expertise in navigating customs procedures, arranging expedited customs clearance, and coordinating transportation across borders to ensure timely delivery.

How does xpd global ensure time-critical logistics timely delivery?

xpd global ensures timely delivery in time-critical logistics through dedicated teams, a global network, real-time tracking, contingency planning, and 24/7 communication.

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